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Nature’s fury unleashed…all we can do is pray!

If you are in Europe, you cannot miss following the new of the Volcano eruption in Iceland and its impact on air travel due to the massive smoke generated.

Really sad to see thousands of passengers stranded at airports due to a complete freeze of flights, and billions lost in revenues to airlines that are perennially in red.  

Thankfully there is no major impact on life, but it again serves as a timely reminder to us that we are utterly powerless in the face of nature’s fury. Sometimes men can be so full of themselves, but at times like this you realize how completely powerless you are when faced with a force such as this!

Here is wishing all those stranded and affected, a speedy return to home, and a sense of normalcy!

 Do check out the images and videos of the volcanic eruption, there is a sense of raw force in it that is unmistakable:



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